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Teen Sportfishing Association
Foundation For Fishing's Future


To obtain your boaters safety card click on the image below
Congratulations to the 2013-2014 TSA State Champion.
 Do you know?
That the FWC is considering changing the bag limits for Bass. According to their website FWC has created a committee to review the current bag limit. Under the new proposal the current 14 inch minimum will be eliminated and you will only be able to keep one fish over 16 inches, along with several other changes,These new regulations could be in place July of 2016, So whether or not you favor these new regulations please visit their site and take survey. The results of the survey will determine the outcome of the new regulations. So please visit FWC to review these new regulations and to take the survey,





The goal of the Teen Sportfishing Association is to teach sportsmanship, basic techniques of fishing and to instill a love for fishing to help insure this great sport will continue for generations to come.