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Teen Sportfishing Association
Foundation For Fishing's Future


By Law overview

In order for the Teen Sportfishing Program Inc. to have consistency throughout the country these tournament rules must be adhered to in order for us to reach this goal. However, each individual program has the right through their own Board of Directors to alter these said tournament rules according to the participants, schools, and state requirements for the programs private tournaments. As the Teen's progress to the county, state, and then to the national level, these tournament rules will be the structure at which the tournaments will be based upon. We would request that the Teen Sportfishing Association's Corporate Board of Directors be notified as to any rule changes that have taken place in any such County for review and to possibly incorporate the change into the by-laws.


We must not deviate from the goals of the Teen Sportfishing Program. Education for the students whether it is in the classroom or in a tournament environment is our number one goal. Through the Teen Sportfishing tournaments, participants will have an opportunity to advance from the county level, then on to the state championship which will lead up to one Teen being crowned the Teen Sportfishing Association's State Champion.

This is where the across the board structure in the tournaments, point system, tournament requirements, school grade minimum's, etc. will come into effect. 





The goal of the Teen Sportfishing Association is to teach sportsmanship, basic techniques of fishing and to instill a love for fishing to help insure this great sport will continue for generations to come.