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Teen Sportfishing Association
Foundation For Fishing's Future


Article III

Special committees are encouraged on the local county level of the Teen Sportfishing Program. These special committees are a great help to the instructor as they produce fresh ideas and involve the parents in the program. Counties, instructors, or the Teen Sportfishing State and Corporate Board of Directors may at anytime appoint or ask for volunteers for these special committees. These committees such as tournament, food, school relations, fund raising, special events, etc. will have the final say according to the majority of votes present at the committee meeting to plan and organize a function of the Teen Sportfishing Program as long as the by-laws and rules of the Teen Sportfishing Program are not in jeopardy or violated. 




The goal of the Teen Sportfishing Association is to teach sportsmanship, basic techniques of fishing and to instill a love for fishing to help insure this great sport will continue for generations to come.