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Teen Sportfishing Association
Foundation For Fishing's Future


Article VI

The Teen Sportfishing point system is used for consistency between the schools to determine their top anglers. After the school has determined their top Teen's to move forward into the county championship the point system will no longer be used. The Teen Sportfishing point system is as follows:

                            Classroom Attendance--------------------- 25 points at sign-in

                                                                                              25 points at sign-out

                                                                                             3 points for Big Bass for Tournament per each county 


1 St Place 300 points

2nd Place 295 points


If a Teen cannot weigh in fish, then the Teen will receive a minimum of five (5) points below the last place Teen who did weigh-in fish. If a Teen does not participate in a tournament the Teen will receive a zero for the tournament. Fundraisers or special events will also be eligible functions for the Teen's to generate points. This decision will be made by the individual Counties Board of Directors or the Classroom Instructor if a Board is not in place. Disqualification equals zero points




The goal of the Teen Sportfishing Association is to teach sportsmanship, basic techniques of fishing and to instill a love for fishing to help insure this great sport will continue for generations to come.