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Teen Sportfishing Association
Foundation For Fishing's Future


Article VII

Fishing and boating compared to other high school sports activities is extremely safe. The chances of injury of any type are minimal. Each student is required to pass the Boaters Safety Test where he or she learns about various types of emergency situations and how to handle them. This test and safety course is a requirement each year the student is enrolled in the Teen Sportfishing program. The captains who donate their time and equipment to help with the Teen Sportfishing program normally have years of experience on the water and are capable of handling most emergency situations. Each instructor has the obligation to his participants to inspect as many of the boats as possible for possible safety problem areas and equipment.



All rules and regulations are subject to change by the Executive Board of Directors without notice.

Revised as of August 4, 2016




The goal of the Teen Sportfishing Association is to teach sportsmanship, basic techniques of fishing and to instill a love for fishing to help insure this great sport will continue for generations to come.